End of Readathon Reviews!

Archery- Read a book less than 200 pages- Goosebumps- One Day at Horrorland- R. L. Stine 5/5

My fiance had me read this book to him so he could share in my readathon experience. My throat was sore afterwards but it was worth it. I spent two hours with my loves, reading, my fiance, and my animals.

Pegasus Riding- I ended up dropping this prompt as I did not have the time to finish all the activities with four months until my wedding, applying for my social work exam, and working overtime.

Canoeing- Read a book that takes place on or near a body of water- Goosebumps- Deep Trouble- R.L. Stine- 4/5

I finished this book in about a half hour before bed. I thought it was odd for a Goosebumps book, but good enough for me to pick up the sequel for one of the books I plan to read in August.

Climbing Wall- Read the next book in a series- Vampire knight VOL 2 – Matsuri Hino 5/5

I absolutely adore this manga! The romance, drama, twists and turns are amazing! Getting to know Zero more in this installment was wonderful!

Capture the Flag- Read your most anticipated book- Shabanu Daughter of the Wind by Suzzane Fisher Staples

I like this book enough to pick up the sequels on my kiddle app, but I have concerns about the white washing of this novel. I will be researching more into it.

I have several books lined up for next month if I can fit everything in!

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