Gotta Catch ‘em All

This weekend was Pokémon Go Fest 2021. I have not be able to play previous years. However, this year I made sure I was free to play! This was my moment of taking time for myself this month after working the holiday and so much overtime.

Saturday was a collection challenge which was nice but I found myself irritable and frustrated with the amount of people around me. I managed to find a corner with little foot traffic to just be and have some time to myself to unwind.

On Sunday I found myself getting stressed because my initial goal was to catch every legendary available. This was unattainable due to server issues, finding enough people, and also recognizing I needed time for myself. The way the weekends for fest are set up there are no breaks. It is an insane run of goals from 10am-6pm in your time zone. After four hours straight I finally took breaks for the bathroom, food, and some alone time.

This weekend was a valuable lesson in my limits and that even fun things can cause a tinge of burn out.

Love and light readers

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