Iris the Guinea Pig

It is with a heavy heart that I let you dear readers know that Iris the Guinea pig had to be put down. She has been ill on and off for many months. We rushed her to the emergency vet on the 6th of July where she seemed to make some improvement. We brought her home and I was not satisfied she was well.

On Monday the 12th I called my normal vet and we managed to get squeezed in for Thursday. I woke up Thursday gave her medications and a cuddle before work. Fiancé checked on her at lunch time she was still doing well. By the time he left for the vet she was floppy and unresponsive but alive. When they got to the vet there was nothing for it but to let her go.

I love/loved Iris with all my heart. She was a feisty little thing. She was a fighter, within days of bringing her home from Petsmart she had a head tilt. We took her back to get taken care of, they worked on her for a month with no underlying cause found.

We finally got clearance to take her home, she was “free” as long as we agreed to not hold Petsmart responsible for her chronic head tilt. I agreed quickly because I fought that whole month to make sure she came home to us. There were times I thought she wouldn’t make it. There were times I thought they accidentally re sold her. But in the end she came home to us. Her first trip home she was Juliet, but after all her medical complications the name no longer fit her. She became Iris.

Our vet met her within that first week, told us she would never be “normal”. She would have a shortened life span, sometimes run in circles, need lots of attention, and always have a head tilt. It didn’t matter to me. She was my little one and I would do anything for her by the time we got her back in December of ‘19.

This little terror needed a mom. I gave her everything I have without holding back. I gave her all the attention, medical care, and love I could in the short time she was with us. T

he vet was surprised when she made it to 1 year old, I wasn’t because she was a fighter. I was hoping she would make it to two years old but alas that is not the case.

I am happy I was able to love this little crazy guinea pig who ran donuts, high pitch squeaked, and squiggled like a ferret. She will always have a piece of my heart and will always be loved.

May she meet with her sister and brother guinea pigs over the rainbow bridge.

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