July Reading- Halfway update

I am not as far along in my reading as I had hoped, a mixture of household emergencies, and being pulled in for my on-call shifts had made it difficult to squeeze in my reads. I have altered my goal to finish all my Hades cabin prompts this month and complete all my other reads I am unable to finish this month by the end of the August. 

Hades Prompts

Read a standalone novel- House of Salt and Sorrow by Erin A. Craig 5/5

This book is a modern spin on The 12 Dancing Princesses tale. I really enjoyed this book, the macabre feel, mystery, romance, and dare I say, magic made this book hard to put down! At first, I had trouble keeping all the characters straight in my head, there are over 16 people important to the story, but somehow Erin Craig makes it work. I highly recommend the audio book it is an odd mixture of a soothing voice telling a chilling tale. I look forward to adding her next book, Small Favors to my personal library. 

Read a book where a character must hide their Identity- To Catch a Killer –By Sheryl Scaborough 4/5

One of the main characters, I will not name who, is hiding a big secret from everyone else in the book. As the title suggests someone in this tale is the Killer. I have suspicions of who the killer was by page 60 and had confirmed in my head where this tale was heading after page 90, I did not figure out the motive until the big reveal in the final chapters. While not a perfect book, it was good enough that I purchased the sequel for delivery while I was reading the final five chapters. My fiancé tried to drag me to bed at around 930pm on one of my days off and was unable to as I was so set on finishing the book that night. If you like young adult murder mysteries this book may be for you. 

Activities Prompts

Sword and Shield- Read a book featuring a Character you would not get along with- Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell 3.5/5

This is the first book I picked up, I listened to it on audio while working the long holiday weekend as a break from murder mysteries. I had just binge listed to the third season of Counter Clock. My fiancé was right I did find someone to dislike in this book, Nick. He is slimy! I also do not like Ren but that is more for the fact that she is misinformed about mental illness than anything else. Over all, the book was good, not great. I found the parts of the book that were bits of fan fiction or bits of another book jarring and frustrating. I know it developed the main character but it felt to me as a grab to make the page count longer. 

Prompts I switched reads for- 

Monster Fighting- Read a Book Featuring Magical creatures- Raven’s Shadow- Patricia Briggs 

I Switched this book to Wild Sign by Patricia Briggs. 5/5

I switched to this book because for the past few days reading an electronic copy has been easier than toting around a paperback or hard back. It is still a Patricia Briggs book. I LOVED this book. Of the series this is my second favorite in Alpha and Omega. I laughed, I cried, and I was truly invested in the leads Anna and Leah. The background story makes my heart ache but it makes the characters so much more believable. I cannot wait for the next installment! 

Pegasus Riding- Read a book Published in the past 5 years- Mirage by Somaiya Daud

Replaced with White Bird by R.J. Palacio 3/5

I still intend to read Mirage, however I needed another audio book to lighten my page count. Between stress, work, and a killer headache, I wanted to read the day I picked up this book but could only listen to something on low. I also wanted to pick up something that would fill a prompt. I have mixed feelings about this book. I enjoyed Wonder by R.J. Palacio but I am not sure how I feel about this expansion on the world of Auggie.  I suppose it would be better if I picked up the graphic novel but that is not at the root of my concern. The book aims to teach children about the Holocaust and correlate that to modern day “immigration” issues (Read human beings cannot be illegal) but I am unsure if it is culturally appropriate for someone outside of the culture to write from the perspective of a genocide. I will reserve judgment on this portion until I have more time to process. However, I will say that this graphic novel is for older children or younger children with adult supervision to answer questions and unpack the trauma here. 

Other recommendations for a graphic novel on the Holocaust isMaus and Maus II. The book is written and illustrated by Art Spiegelman depicting his Father’s experiences from living through the Holocaust. It is rich details and reflections by the author. Content warning because of war, trauma, and suicide.

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