Circling back to Dissociation

Follow me on a little journey today. There are some routes you take everyday that are muscle memory. Maybe from school to home, school to work, work to home. Maybe it’s the trip to your childhood home.

Imagine taking that trip one day. However you make it from school to hope and while you know you got home safe you don’t remember the journey.

This example is a small example of dissociation. This is something the brain does and it’s jarring and frustrating but it happens.

Dissociative disorders are a protection for the brain, however it is maladaptive. Imagine instead of just forgetting your travels you can’t remember full lessons, dates with your loved ones, trying to keep a work schedule when your mind is on “auto pilot”.

It would be pretty difficult wouldn’t it?

This is why I am so passionate about bringing awareness and understanding to this set of disorders.

Here is another resource guide on dissociation from an organization in the UK –

Love and Light all!

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