Activities Prompts

This is the second set of prompts for this month and it will be great if I get to them, but I will not force myself. There is a lot going on and I am not sure how much spare time there will be between working overtime, my normal job, chronic illness, and what may happen with my partners work injury.

1. Sword and Shield- Read a book featuring a Character you would not get along with- Fan Girl by Rainbow Rowell

I let my Fiancé pick this book because UI could not think of anything. According to him, “I picked this because there must be a character you won’t like in it.” So, there you have it readers, a book because I can’t like all the characters in a book.

2. Archery- Read a book less than 200 pages- Goosebumps- One Day at Horrorland- R. L. Stine

If this is not my normal reading you are right, I asked for suggestions from my fiancé because I do not have anything under 250 pages on my own shelf, so I had my partner look at the shelf he has of books I “need to read”.

3. Pegasus Riding- Read a book Published in the past 5 years- Mirage by Somaiya Daud

If you remember my post from a while back this was one of the books I added to my list in an effort to have more voices from persons of color in my personal library and on my reading list. This is one of those books.

4. Monster Fighting- Read a Book Featuring Magical creatures- Raven’s Shadow- Patricia Briggs

I added this book to my list in part because it was a recommendation from my partner and in part because this is another book by the author who writes some of my favorite paranormal romances- The Alpha and Omega series. Here’s hoping this book is as good as Alpha and Omega.

5. Canoeing- Read a book that takes place on or near a body of water- Goosebumps- Deep Trouble- R.L. Stine

I do not have many books that take place by the sea and the number of pages in my TBR was getting daunting by this point in my list. Dear fiancé came to my rescue with another Goosebumps book. We will see how this goes.

6. Climbing Wall- Read the next book in a series- Vampire knight VOL 2 – Matsuri Hino

I LOVE the Vampire Knight Manga and I am so happy to re read VOL 2 before moving on to VOL 3. My wallet will not be happy with my choices, but my brain will be happy.

7. Capture the Flag- Read your most anticipated book- Shabanu Daughter of the Wind by Suzzane Fisher Staples

This was part of a book haul I had at a local second-hand shop. They have a good selection of YA fiction. I know nothing about this read but what the dust jacket says and the front cover but I am excited none the less.

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