Declaring My Cabin

Hello All! 

After a bit of lag, thank you fiancé for chopping off part of your thumb, I am back!

I will be reading for the 2021 Olympic Games Reathon, of course it is Rick Riordan Universe Themed!

I will be reading for Cabin Hades these years. Last year I read for Athena, however I have done some soul searching, quizzes, reading, and I really do believe I am more of a child of Hades. I have always been one to be more isolated, some of that from narcissistic abuse growing up, some from being bullied. I have more comfort with both of my feet solidly on the ground than I do in air planes or on a boat. I will always love reading and be a nerd, but at the end of the day that is all I have in common with Athena’s cabin.

Just like the Hogwarts houses, you need traits from more than one place to be a well-rounded person. In my heart I belong in Cabin 13. Hi Soulblings!

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