State of Life

I will be joining the Olympic Games readathon this month. My TBR will be posted this evening. I will be doing my best to complete it but currently my private life is a bit of a dumpster fire.

I’m other news I worked seven days straight had one day off and work another seven days straight before having a few days to myself.

Ginny the guinea pig continues to be on isolation and suffer from a fungal infection on her nose. She is into the third month of treatment

My fiancé had a work place injury and spent the day at the emergency room. He will be off on workers comp until he can be seen by a hand surgeon- more news to follow.

My father in law continues to be in a nursing home, he continues to suffer from dementia. More older adult and dementia facts to follow for my readers!

My personal health journey continues, I am starting on a two week trial of a medication once it is insurance approved- thank you US health care system

My social work license application was supposed to go in the mail yesterday but is on hold until I can make it to the post office.

I am going to conclude with a few things I am grateful for-

1. My severe sun burn is healing and I managed to avoid a skin infection

2. My fiancé is in pain but he came home to me alive

3. I continue to have paid work even if it is a lot all at once

4. True crime podcasts – they are allowing me some escape from reality

5. Good friends- they are keeping me sane in an insane world

Bonus- my counselor is a saint for being able to help me keep on moving even though my world is a dumpster fire

Love and light!

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