Self-Care with Surgery

Hello All,

I recently went through a colonoscopy and Endoscopy for diagnostic purposes. The doctors took several biopsies to see if they can get a clear picture on why my IBS-D is so severe. No news yet, but in the mean time I would like to talk about surgical self-care.

For me this is not just about reading the pre-op and post- op care instructions, it is about setting yourself up for success and knowing things will not go as planned.

For me, they had me set up with a seven day prep. 7 days prior to surgery stop taking any NSAID pain relievers, 4 days prior to surgery start a GI soft diet, 24 hours prior to surgery liquids only, 12 hours before start the suprep, 6 hours before finish the suprep.

In order to take care of myself I made sure to schedule this right before the weekend so I could take my time to heal, and I took off Monday. In hind sight I should have take off Thursday as well.

The second step is to make sure to read the instructions at least twice, the instructions were several pages long and reading it twice made sure I had all the details I needed.

The third step is making a shopping list to make sure I did not need to go searching for foods that fit into my diet.

The fourth step is to watch you tube videos about the procedure. This help relive anxiety about the unknown but also gave me meal ideas.

The last step was follow through.

Thursday on 100% liquids was difficult, I was very hungry, had a headache, and some dizzy spells but I made it through. I would recommend taking that day off if possible.

The prep day was difficult because of the discomfort, I was freezing the whole time and had to turn the heat on in the house.

Love and light to all!

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