Happy Pride Month

Happy Pride Month you all!

I am happy to be here talking about this but also a little disappointed. One of the spaces I am in is the true crime pod cast space. I listen to them while I write my notes or during my commute. However I feel like every June it becomes trendy to talk about LGBTQ folks then all I hear about is cis/het people until the following summer.

I haven’t logged onto my podcasts apps because I know that a bunch of pod casts are going to cover LGBTQ folks getting killed and talk about how they are allies then it will be radio silence as soon as the clock hits July 1.

I guess this is all to say I’m frustrated and disappointed. LGBTQ folx matter! As a pansexual female leaning non binary I matter.

I guess I don’t understand why people can’t be allies all year round. This feels fake to me. As is we are going to cover LGBTQ folx because it’s popular and what everyone else is doing. News flash we aren’t a hot topic.

We are people to.

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