Guinea Pig News

In other animal news, Trinity the Guinea pig will be going in for eye surgery in two weeks time.

As a bit of back story, fiancé and I adopted Trinity from pat smart. She had a drippy eye and had been in the back for months being treated with various medications until she was deemed healthy but not sellable as she would always have chronic drippy eye. Fiancé came home from his job picked me up and brought me to the store to meet a shy, somewhat traumatized from being isolated and treated with medication for so long, guinea pig. I signed the papers gave her a snuggle and home we went.

Over the past almost two years now she has been treated by our veterinarian for eye infection after eye infection and a yearly cold in the fall. We have done everything from eye cream, drops, ect. In the past few weeks Trin has grown a fleshy irritated bit near her eye. I was able to get her in for a visit on my day off.

Per our vet it is likely pea eye so not malignant but since she squints so much it’s causing her discomfort. So we have opted to have the pea eye removed in the coming weeks.

It seems to be a never ending circus at house social worker.

Love and Light

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