Spirituality- Hair Binding

As a starting point I’d like to say there are more book reviews and DID info to come! I wrote some posts but they are on a different drive than the one I have access to right now!

Something that has come to my attention recently is hair binding. It is a pagan and/or Wiccan practice of covering or partially covering a woman’s hair in honor of the gods or a specific gods. I have had several dreams about this in the past few days so I feel pushed to research this topic.

So far I have found that this is a way to reduce spiritual and physical pollution to the hair, a method of modesty, something a god or goddess could but does not always ask of a supplicant. There are many styles and ways to do this. I will keep researching and see what I find!

Hair binding can also tie in with veiling and seems to be a thread that ties together many cultures. In some Hellenistic practices the veil is taken off to signify a state of grieving when a loved one passes.

Love and light!

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