Year 1 and an update on the dumpster fire

So according to the records WordPress has been keeping I have been blogging for 1 year. I am excited that I stuck with it! This has definitely been a crazy year! Covid, getting engaged, working the front lines, preparing for the next steps in my life in all arena’s.

However, one thing remains the same. My life seems to be a dumpster fire. My dad is actively psychotic. He keeps leaving voicemails about fish who have been infected with waste from a nuclear reactor and not to eat any seafood for a few years.

My dear father in law is still in and out of making sense and still needs extensive nursing care. I seem to be the “adult-iest adult” in the pool of available adults.

Dear fiance is in quarantine for possible COVID. His initial tests have come back negative but we are waiting on one last result for him to be cleared. I think he just has a man cold or a late season flu. Luckily it is just some sniffles and a fever. However, precautions are being taken and he is relegated to the spare room until further notice.

I have taken over the roles of head cook, head dishwasher, laundry person, cat care taker, and hamster care taker. He gets the guinea pigs because they live with him in the spare room.

Our hamster gumball almost got put down today but the vet would like to try a spay to see if they can spare her from her uterine cancer (pyometra for those in the ham community). I am not sure if this is a stay of execution or not. I am worried about something so tiny being sedated.

Also coming up is my double hitter diagnostic surgery, colonoscopy and EGD. I am NOT at all looking forward to the Go Litely prep. Or a full day on a liquid diet but that is the lesser of the two evils.

Love and light.

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