The End of Mythothon!

Hello All,

I have finished the last three titles on my TBR for Mythothon. I will review those below but keep an eye out for a review of the other books I have squeezed into my April schedule. So far I have 3.

Sir Percival- Ever Worlds- 1/5

I finished this book quickly because I wanted to get it over with to read something better. I understand why my fiancé recommended it, it includes a lot of mythology. However it is so white washed it is painful to read. The book also didn’t age well.

Sir Bedivere- Vampire Knight vol 1 – 5/5

I love this manga series! This was a re-read for me and it did not disappoint. I love the sparks of romance, vampires, and academy themes of this manga. My wallet however is sad. At around 9-12 dollars a volume for the rest of the series it is an investment. However, it’s worth it to me!

Camelot- Other Words for Home 5/5

I was not sure about this book when I realized it was written in verse. However, I found it on audiobook from my library and listened. The more I heard the more drawn in I was. I love the perspective, and growth shown in this novel! I would recommend this whole heartedly!

Sorry about the late update readers! I am catching up on all the partial drafts I wrote before all the family illness hit. Soon to follow is what I read for the rest of April and beginning of May.

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