Week 3 Updates

Hello All,

Per my previous post it has been a wild ride this week! I managed to read Imzadi after buying the audiobook. Ya’all! IT IS READ BY JONATHAN FRAKES! It even has sound effects. This makes the book an easy read as it feels like watching an episode Star Trek the Next Generation, albeit with a gruff traumatized Will Riker.

The book makes me feel as though I made the correct choice for the Sir Tristan legendary romance prompt. Imzadi brings new meaning to the word. In the TV series it is a term of endearment meaning beloved. With the addition of the book to cannon it means so much more. Imzadi in the book means the first, not in the misogynist virginity taking way, but more of a soul, mind, and body connection.

The bond between Will and Deanna is so strong that they have a mind connection. They support each other through tick and thin. Through love and loss of other partners. They can be best friends and soothe each other’s broken hearts. They allow each other to mature without trying to force their relationship to work. Once they are both mature enough, Will takes command of the Titan and they marry. If they had tried to force the relationship earlier, they would not have had the maturity to make it work. But with time, they were able to learn themselves and then share each other.

Without the context of this novel their relationship lacks depth, you know they love each other and marry, but you don’t truly understand why they don’t make a go of being together. When the depth of Imzadi I finally understand why their bond is so strong.

May all my readers find their Imzadi.

In other reading news, I was able to listen to Inheritance by Christopher Paolini and The Fork the Witch and the Worm by Christopher Paolini with a section written by Angela Paolini.

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