Week 2 Readathon update!

  1. Sir Gawain- Stalking Jack the Ripper (Stalking Jack the Ripper #1) by Kerri Maniscalco 5/5

I read this book in bits and pieces because it is not a good book to read over dinner as the main character does autopsies. Overall I loved this book. The Victorian themes, murder mystery, historical fiction, steam ounk aspects, and character development was wonderful. Next time I want to pick up a book I will be getting the sequels.

  1. Sir Lamorak -Venus rising by Kaitlin Bevis 4/5

I love the Kaitlin bevis books and I feel like Aphrodite is an under hyped character in Greek Mythology. While I don’t love Aphrodite in the part of Daughters of Zeus she really comes into her own in this installment.

  1. Sir Kay- Aphrodite by Kaitlin Bevis 4/5

Persephone and Aphrodite are half sisters and their sibling bond is very important in this section of the daughters of Zeus. Aphrodite also faces a lot of hardship and really learns who she is in this book.

  1. Sir Gareth- Love and War by Kaitlin Bevis 5/5

This is one of the newest books added to my TBR since I just added the entire series. I love how Aphrodite and Ares develop as a couple in this book. In other Greek mythos fictions Ares and Aphrodite burn hot and then burn out. In this series they burn hot, the relationship ends. Then the embers get fanned. It is the definition of a slow burn. 

  1. Sir Galahad – “Percy Jacksons” Greek Heroes by Rick Riordan 5/5

As you can see I currently have a Greek Mythos obsession. Don’t judge me, lol. I love Percy’s sassy take on the heroes. I listened to this on audio book from my library and I like it enough that when I have the money I want a hard copy. 

This week I am reading Through the Evernight and I am hoping to get to Imzadi or Ever World. 

Love and Light!

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