A Story: Wedding Photography Search

Also known as why I now will not be looking at hiring any male photographers.

So I posted in a local wedding group that I was looking for a photographer, general location details, and my proposed budget.

I get 30 or so responses pretty quickly which is overwhelming but manageable. Then one of the photographers who commented on my post called and left a voicemail. Then they sent seven texts showing some of their work and giving their name, ect.

This would be normal ish, however I didn’t put my phone number out there to the world. It’s not public on my Facebook page, nor does the name on my Facebook page reflect my given name so social work clients can’t try and friend me.

So now I’m at work racking my brain about how this man found me and if he can find me can my past abusers find me. Can my clients find me? Am I safe?

So now I will only be contacting photographers who do not represent themselves as cis men. It’s not safe.

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