D.I.D. Is not a Plot Twist

Hello All,

I am writing this today because I just finished watching the horror movie Deadly Illusions. Spoilers ahead if you have not watched this movie and intend to.

The huge “plot twist” to this movie is that one of the main characters was horribly abused as a child, developed DID and one of her personalities went on a killing spree. Let me make it very clear, other peoples trauma and real life disorder and struggles are not a Hollywood plot twist waiting to be used.

Movies like Split, Psycho, and Session 9, do nothing but objectify a psychological disorder. The people who suffer from this disorder have already faced enough trauma to cause the splits in their mind. They don’t need to be ridiculed by Hollywood and made out to be serial killers.

To top this all off half the psychological community pretends this disorder does not exist even though it’s in the DSM. Let me be very clear, this disorder exists. Someone I love very much has this disorder. I also know several people in college who have this disorder and stopped going to treatment because some providers and psychology professors decided that the disorder did not in fact exist but it was a type of pathological lying for attention.

In my current frustration I cannot even begin to state how damaging this is, to hear from people that practice in a helping profession to say what boils down to YOU DONT EXIST. What can also be heard as YOU DONT MATTER and YOU ARE A LIAR.

More education on this matter to come. I see a need for a series to be written.

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