March is Self Harm Awareness Month

I am here writing today as an advocacy piece. This is a topic that is very important to me, professionally and personally. Per the personalized cause website on self harm, there are over two million REPORTED cases of self harm a year, this does not account for hidden or un reported cases. In fact, this is why the stigma needs to end.

Self harm is not a call for attention as people stigmatize, it is a sign of emotional distress. It means this person is in crisis and needs help. As someone who was told they self-harmed for attention and then was given a random antidepressant that almost lead to deadly side effects. I can tell you that it meant I was not okay. I was desperate for help and surrounded by people who abused me. An abusive relationship and abusive family. I can also tell you that those dear to me have experienced self-harm. I will not out them, that is not what I am here for. Instead I will say they would agree they were in emotional distress too.

Self harm is also a vicious cycle, often one incident of self harm causes shame which leads to another instance of emotional distress. For me, it took counseling and a lot of psycho education about self care and coping skills. I don’t think the urge ever fully goes away when I or others like me are in distress but, it gets a little easier.

If you are suffering from this symptom, or you think someone you know may be suffering please reach out to someone for help.

The crisis text line is 741-741. Text HOME to get started. There are often times counselors available, including on campus counselors at colleges, school guidance counselors, therapists, social workers, teachers, and for some family who can be reached for support.

I will link some information from NAMI here as a reference:

Please take care of yourselves!

Love and light

Be Safe

It is a really confusing time right now in the united States. It seems like some states are pushing forward with reopening, some are even lifting mask mandates. I really don’t think my county, let alone my region is ready to open up just yet.

There are too many people unvaccinated or simply not finished the vaccine process for this to end well. It takes two weeks after the second shot, or two weeks after the single dose shot, to be fully immunized. That does not even take into consideration the fact that the vaccine is not 100% effective. So, if we really want to protect our loved ones, we really need to keep to our social bubbles, distance, wear masks and keep doing what we have been doing for the past year.

Please, 530,000 people have died. Why does it feel like we have learned nothing?

Dear readers, please stay safe out there.

Brief Update

As a follow-up to my brief medical update. After a misdiagnosis of a stomach flu in the emergency room last week, it is now suspected I am suffering from a gallbladder attack. I am working on following up with testing as recommended by my primary care practice.

While I am going through this process I will be prioritizing self care!

I would continue to provide content as my body allows.

Love and light

Book Review

In preparation for writing my wedding ceremony and vows, I have purchased and read the book Magickal Weddings: Pagan Handfasting Traditions for your Sacred Union by Joy Ferguson.

So surprise to my readers who did not know but I am more spiritual than I am religious. I believe in a goddess rather than a particular god. Though, I really consider myself more spiritual than religious.

As far as the book I highly recommend it if you are considering a handfasting as part of your wedding ceremony or in place of a wedding ceremony. I felt the book was comprehensive, giving me information on the meaning and traditions behind dates, times of the year, and symbolism. It is so much more detailed than any website I have found.

To conclude I give this five out of five stars! Or in this case cauldrons!

Love and light

Happy Social Work Month!

Happy social work month to all social workers out there! Social work month was made as a way to help the public recognize all social workers do for society.

Social work has grown and grown over the years. Not all social work history is proud, and it’s something we need to look at as a profession for institutionalized racism. However, I feel like we also do a lot of good.

Social worker spans different areas from academia, research, medicine, advocacy, case management, therapy, mental health, and so much more.

Social work is designed to help people from birth to death, through happiness and grief. Social workers see people at some of the worst times in life and sometimes at the greatest achievements.

I want to take this time to say an anonymous thank you to my therapist who is a social worker, my social work mentors, and social worker friends.

The field would not be the same if you were not in it!

Love and light to all!

Pandemic update

Today on my way into work the radio announced that it has been one year since our hospitals have started seeing patient’s for COVID-19. It has been one whole year since all heck broke loose for me in my work and has played havoc with my mental and emotional state. I know so many people have it so much worse but this is difficult.

Since the beginning of this pandemic I have started to see edges to society that I knew in my heart and mind existed but they did not pop out of the wood work very often. Now I am seeing terrible things happen to good people everyday. I am seeing people in crisis everyday. The acuity of how sick people are has been rapidly climbing as of late.

I’ve seen “rare” mental disorders more often than any other time in my career. People I love and who have been rocks for many years are starting to crinkle and fold under the pressure.

I just want everyone to remember a few things:

1. Wear your damn mask

2. Stay home if you can

3. Take care of yourself

4. Tell those you love how you feel because you never know what tomorrow will look like

Sorry for the sober post all, it’s been a tough year and I know that things will get better some day.

Love and light