FMLA- when you need to put yourself first

With everything going on with my health and no true answers, only guesses, I have decided to apply for FMLA to use intermittently. Luckily at my job the process is pretty straight forward. I contacted employee health, they asked me some questions, and a few days later they emailed me some forms. One for me, one for my supervisor, and several for my doctor. I need to submit those within two weeks and I will hear a verdict soon.

I am not sure what lies ahead for me and my stomach. My PCP thinks it’s just my IBS getting worse, after initial concern for my galbladder. The ER doctors thought it was a stomach flu. No one truly knows what is going on, so I am seeing a specialist next week and we will see what they say.

Thanks for listening and if would like to hear more about FMLA law or procedure let me know in the comments!

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