Social Work in the Movies (or this case on Netflix)

As you may have guessed this post will be discussing the character Sam Healy from Orange is the New Black. I enjoyed this show while it ran but the prison social worker, Sam drove me absolutely bonkers!

Sam is a burnt out prison social worker who falls more in line with the administration and prison guards than he does making his own imprint on the inmates lives. I feel like the portrayal of the burnt out social worker is merely a plot device to make things interesting and not a true look at what forensic social workers can do.

Prison is traumatizing, due to the stress, food, healthcare, and many other factors it ages people beyond their years. Social workers help in advocacy, trials, and so much more. Forensic social workers even have their own yearly conference!

While OITNB is definitely entertaining and interesting I sill find myself frustrated with the media perpetuating the myth that social workers are not helpful.

If you have watched OITNB or any other media content with social workers leave a comment below!

Love and light

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