Self care

It is with frustration and maybe a little bit of hope that I let you all know that I have begun the process of FMLA for a chronic medical condition. Some combination of my IBS-D, anxiety, depression, acid reflux, and possibly gallstones is making me debilitatingly sick.

I’m dehydrated, my diet is limited to simple carbs, easy to eat vegetables, and lean meats. I’m dependent on gatoraid for electrolytes and hydration.

My primary care physician is finally understanding how sick I am and has agreed to fill out the forms. It is a week wait period between letting employee health know that I want to apply for FMLA and when they furnish the application.

I will keep you posted on my journey. FMLA is something I hear about a lot with peoples journeys to make a larger family(a couple is a family), but not often with chronic illness. This is a new journey for me so here we go.

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