Wedding Dress Shopping

Hello All,

Today is another wedding and self care post. As you know I am recently engaged, I am planning my wedding for this Fall. It will be an intimate ceremony because of my caution around the Covid-19 pandemic.

This past weekend was my first time trying on wedding dresses, as I’ve previously written I have body image issues and PTSD. I was prepared for the body image issues to come up, with the support of my friends it has not been so bad.

I was not prepared for my PTSD to be set off. At the first shop the sales woman was completely hands off and let me dress and undress on my own, with the occasional help with a zipper. At the second shop I was not allowed to dress myself, they were very handsy, and went so far as to grab my chest to emphasize that she wanted to show off my busy line. In a normal person this is an invasion of personal space but may not be a larger issue. For me it made me want to escape that place as soon as possible. While I found a beautiful dress there, I won’t be returning to purchase it because I felt my needs were not being met and I was not heard.

In addition to the chest issues, the saleswoman put me in poofy gowns with long trains, think catholic cathedral style wedding gowns. While they look amazing and are flattering to some of my curves, this is not the style I am going for. I am looking for a simple, A-line, very little poof, some lace, and elegance.

I think a ball gown is a little too much for a ten person wedding.

Love and light to all!

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