Having a PTSD Episode on the Job

So, beings as we live in Covid times, things in any form of social work are fast paced, stressful, and frustrating. Sometimes it can get the better of your colleagues and they yell. Sometimes it’s not colleagues but workers from other agencies.

For some people this is just a crummy workday and they move on, for me it’s a mental health problem waiting to happen.

I never cry at work or at least try very hard not to, but this week I’ve done a lot of crying, been frustrated, and generally tired. I know I’m in need of a break.

This time for me the yelling set off my PTSD. For me self- care is now a bigger priority. I took sometime in an office alone to cry it out and get my life together. I intend to go home, relax, shower, and take care of myself.

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