Ace spectrum

Spoilers for the later seasons of Big Bang theory ahead-

My partner and I have been binge watching all the seasons of Big Bang Theory as one of our couple activities. Recently the dynamic of Amy and Sheldons relationship has changed, I went to Google to read articles on it, because I’m a nerd. I read that many fans were disappointed they took the one Asexual couple and gave them a physical relationship. I have a different perspective.

What if both Sheldon and Amy are on the asexual spectrum but not fully asexual or sex repulsed. What if they are demisexual? As their relationship has developed and they have learned to love and trust their sexuality has bloomed. This makes sense to me canonically. Demisexuality/asexuality comes on a spectrum. Sheldon and Amy have been on a journey from their first meeting, meeting the parents, dates, and growing as people and a couple they have done things at their own pace. Why wouldn’t they grow into other aspects of relationships as well?

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