Being Plus Sized

I wanted to write this blog as being plus sized during the pandemic has been harder for me, I am not sure why. I have been a chubby girl since I hit puberty. I started off in “husky” clothing at the age of ten. No matter how much I exercise, diet, ect I have always been fat.

I am currently a size 2-5XL depending on the brand and a size US 24-28US, also depending on the brand and cut. In the plus size community I am considered a “medium plus or medium fat”. I carry a lot of weight in my chest and stomach area with my legs being a size or two smaller.

Right before the pandemic started I had been considering weight loss surgery, I am sick and tired of people telling me all my health problems will go away if I loose weight because that simply is not true. Even if I were skinny I would still have PCOS, thyroid problems, IBS, and all my other medical issues. I would just be less of an eye sore to the medical community. My doctors have also been trying to label me as having high blood pressure in the recent months, spoiler alert they have been using a blood pressure cuff for a smaller person on me, I have the bruises to prover it. When they use the correct blood pressure cuff I magically have normal blood pressure.

After a lot of soul searching, trying a diet that would be like the one I would have post surgery, and talking to someone who had weight loss surgery I decided it was not for me. I then tried a “PCOS” diet through a nutritionist but went in blind because the paper resources were not sent to me until two weeks into my diet attempt.

After all this I am left with a primary care physician who is still pushing for weight loss surgery, battered self-esteem, and a lot of image issues to work through.

I do not know what the next step for me as far as weight loss goes but I do know I need to love myself at whatever size I am. It is difficult on the best day and nearly impossible on my worst. However, I will continue to try.

Love and light to my readers.

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