Work Self Care Kit

I am a firm believer everyone should have a self care kit at work. So I am going to share what is in mine!

  1. Dry Shampoo- you never know when your hair may need a little help
  2. Deodorant- good for using before or after stressful meetings
  3. Eyedrops- Great for sore eyes from staring at a computer all day
  4. Pain Reliever- For any aches pains that may crop up
  5. Emergency medicines- For me this is a spare set of my daily medications and an epi pen for emergencies. I have mad coworkers aware of my epi pen in case I am unable to help myself
  6. A stress ball
  7. Essential oils
  8. A fan
  9. A sweater
  10. Water bottle
  11. Snacks- I make sure to have something on hand I can eat and that will not make me sick

I am blessed to have a cafeteria, small corner shop like area, and a small pharmacy at my job but it is always good to have things at your desk just in case.

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