Difficult Mothers, Adult Daughters by Karen C.L. Anderson Review

Hello All, 

I felt this book needed it’s own review post as it was an interesting if frustrating read for me. I picked this book as a book that may be impactful as I am a daughter of a narcissistic mother. While this book had some good activity ideas for licensed therapists to use, I felt the angle of coaching being more helpful than therapy rubbed me the wrong way. 

The writer goes on to explain how she uses pop psychology and various pop psychology works to help her coaching client. In ways that a therapist may not, which I found insane since all of the techniques in the book have a basis in various therapy techniques ranging from person centered, humanistic approach, and CBT. 

I feel the writer was trying to make a quick and somewhat simplified approach for people who after years of a traumatic relationship need somewhat intensive therapy to work through the root of issues mentioned in the book. 

Rather than a self help book this book could be a tool for therapists. 

As the book is written I give it ** 

As a tool for therapists or an inspiration for therapists I give the book ***

As an impactful book * 

Overall average of my feelings- **

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