A Hectic Few weeks!

Two weeks ago one of my guinea pigs grew a lump on her neck. The vet did not know what it was, cancer, an abscess, or something else, so Rosie went to surgery on Tuesday. She came home out of it. Very sleepy, in pain, and her eyes were dull. To be honest with you all I had reservations on if she would make it. However after lots of home care and love she seemed to be perking up. Then the lump grew back, an emergency vet visit, follow up care, and a lot of antibiotics later the lump is finally shrinking. This time the lump was fluid collection.

For those of you wondering, it was an abscess that was the size of a chicken egg! It kept growing overnight until it was removed. I have to say that every few years I get an animal scare and this was one of the worst. I am so glad little one is finally on the mend. 

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