After Covid

The top three things I would like to do after CoVID is over- 

  1. Go out with friends- maybe to the mall, a picnic, I don’t really care where but I want to spend some person to person time with my friends. Skype has been lovely and I am thankful we have this technology but it is not the same as face to face contact. 
  2. Go out on a date- I want to go out on a dinner date with my partner. Maybe we could go to the movies after. I would even love to go to an arcade or bowling but I want out of the house. 
  3. Go to a Magic the Gathering Pre-Release- This was a staple of my self-care plan in Graduate school.  I would go to pre-release, have some food from Wawa and have fun with a bunch of random people. Even though I often lost it was about the experience and not about victory for me. 

UPDATE- I have been moved back to the front lines of the epidemic therefore my posts will be coming less often. I am leaning towards two- three times a week instead of every other day.

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