What is TERF and why is it a problem

TERF stands for “trans-exclusionary radical feminist”. This is a problem because the community that is already giving more privilege to white cis gendered men is excluding a vulnerable group- Trans women. I will point this out now, trans women are women. 

Starting in the 1970’s TERF feminists threatened trans women with violence for being part of lesbian and women spaces. We have now seen the ridiculous bathroom laws come of the seeds that were sewn back then (https://www.vox.com/identities/2019/9/5/20840101/terfs-radical-feminists-gender-critical


Just to be clear femaleness and femininity are NOT linked to what is between your legs. It is linked to social expressions of gender divisions such as makeup and clothing. 

As someone who identifies as female for the sense of ease on paperwork, in my work space and acceptance and as gender fluid to those who are very close to me I am shocked and frustrated by this movement.

 I myself sometimes present as masculine and sometimes am extremely feminine depending on my head space, the spaces I occupy, and the openness of those who I am around. I shop in the men’s and women’s sections, not only because I am plus size but because I feel comfortable expressing both masculinity and femininity. I can go from wearing jeans, a t-shirt and a button up to wearing a dress the next day. Some may say that this is me just adding another label to myself and that because I bleed once a month I am a female. I say that it all depends on perspective. Mine is that gender is a social construct I choose to adhere to as I feel comfortable. I would never get surgery done to change my gender but that does not mean I don’t look at chest binders and corsets sometimes. To all those out there you can continue to call me she/her or they/them. My favorite however is just to be simply human. 




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