What is my happy place?

This is a question I should hear more often than I do. I am not one of your manifest positivity type social workers but I do think that some positivity can help develop your brain into more positive pathways. So today I will “go to my happy place” with you. 

My indoor happy place is a nice 69 degree room with a blanket, freshly vacuumed carpet, my cats, a good book, and some soft PJ’s on. I am all about the comfort when I am not at work. Soft yoga pants, shorts and a tank top are great. Layers make me happy because I can adjust as the temperature changes in a room. 

As I have said before I love reading, but reading is even better when I have a Venti iced mocha or caramel macchiato from starbucks. MHM! I love getting all my senses involved, the touch of a soft carpet, taste of coffee and sugar, the smell of peppermint oil permeating the room. I have music playing on Pandora and my lovely animals hanging out with me. 

I know everyone’s happy place is different. For example my partner prefers 73 degrees or hotter, but for me self care is remembering what my happy place is and bringing that back to me in some way.

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