Etsy!- Coming soon to a blogger near you

So my friends and partner have helped me manage my time better to start this blog, get active, try to be healthy, and now I am working on a goal from three years ago! I am starting an Etsy store featuring my own blends of healing salves and balms that double as lip balms and lotions.

I can’t wait to share my progress with all of my lovely readers!

LGBTQIA+: Finding and Claiming My Sexuality

I am a pansexual woman. That’s right, I am in a straight passing relationship but I am really a pansexual woman. I have attraction to people regardless of their gender expression. That does not change just because I am with a man.

I have dated a woman. I have dated men. I have been attracted to people of various genders. However I was not “out” until college.

Middle school is the first time I realized I had attraction to both men and women. At the time, I described myself as bisexual, even though I never dated until college.

What was coming out like?

I found myself surrounded by various kinds of people in college and surrounded by less negative influences. This is when I finally gave myself a label: BISEXUAL. 

 Later on I realized, gender expression did not matter. I have been attracted to every gender on the spectrum. It took breaking up with my college fiance and entering the dating world after four years to realize gender labels did not matter. All that matters to me is how honest a person is and if they are intelectual.

When I came out as pansexual it was a slow reveal to those closest to me, my friends, my adoptive family, never my blood family. They would never understand. In the past few weeks I have felt more free and supported. I have such a good support network that I now have pride flags taped to my cabinets at work. I even came out to the most avid conservative at my job with these flags and they were surprisingly non-confrontational and printed out an extra flag for my desk. 

I know this all sounds like rainbows and butterflies, my story is more stumbling into my identity than it is having a light bulb moment. It was not until I left my very oppressive family that I started to bloom into the person, social worker, and friend I am. I hope to keep showing up as a decent and more well developed human being. 

I hope that others have been able to find themselves and come out when it is SAFE for them. 

Happy Pride!

Social work in the movies- A new series

I will be starting a new posting called social workers in the movies. I believe what I will find is a bunch of social workers whose jobs are taking children away or are social services workers, not many who span the true breadth and depth of what social work covers. Maybe I will be proved wrong, however I am unsure. 

Movie 1- Lilo and Stitch 

This has been one of my favorite Disney movies for years, I love Stitch. I find myself often watching this movie in times of trouble or depression. However in recent years I have thought about the role of Cobra Bubbles more and more. Let’s review his role. 

Mr. Bubbles is an ex- CIA agent now social worker. He is portrayed as a Hawaiian department of social work case manager who is focused on the relationship between Nani and Lilo. He completes several home visits throughout the movie and even follows Nani and Lilo around. 

From my perspective this is yet another adaptation that shows social workers as child thieves, the stereotype that all social workers do is child protective social work.  I would hope that at this point social work could be used for more than a trope. As social workers we are much more. I know people who are therapists, work with lawyers, work as trainers, work in the medical field, even human resources. 

Let me know how you feel about this trope in the comments.

Being an Ally- Resources to be an ally in today’s world

As a social worker, we are called in our ethical principles to advocate for those who cannot advocate for themselves. This is the tenant upon which I find myself called to write. I refuse to stay silent. As I am a white woman, and therefore benefiting from white privilege, I do not want to speak for a population. What I will do is provide resources and be an ally.

For those checking in on Black friends-

For those who wish to challenge themselves, might I suggest reading the New Jim Crow-

For those who are protesting-

For anyone who need mental health support-

For those who wish to support the community while doing some self-care shopping see the following post-

For an article recommended by NASW SMARTBrief-

For everyone, please keep taking care of yourself. You know yourself best and know what your body mind and soul need. I empower you to balance the need to fight and the need to self-care.

Geek girl

One of the thing I am like to be known as being a geeky girl. To relax I do some of the following: 

  1. Play Magic the gathering- I miss going to pre-release but hope to go again once quarantine is over 
  2. Watch anime: I love Full Metal Alchemist and I am currently watching Rosario X Vampire 
  3. I love to sew- I have a few different projects including a Ravenclaw quilt and skirt in progress. My skirt is made of jersey fabric, I have never used this style before and hope it turns out well! 
  4. I play board games: including Othello, Monopoly, and Scrabble 
  5. Yoga helps me get my mind and body in balance as well as being fun
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Healthy balance

I am a curvy food loving woman. I love to cook, as you read in a previous post, but I forget to eat sometimes due to the stress of the job. I also do not exercise as much as I should. 

I am trying to find my inner balance and part of that is my new goal to exercise five times a week and eat more healthily. So far there have been mixed results; my asthma doesn’t like cardio and I still forget to eat or do not eat enough. 

I have managed to know my body, for example I cleaned and rearranged furniture all weekend. I did not then push myself to do further exercise. 

However, I will keep pushing myself for my health because I can’t help others before I help myself. 

Drop me a comment below on how you stay healthy!