June Book Reviews

1.   Ancient Runes- Armageddon Summer- ***

This book is interesting but the underlying story really did not hold my interest. It took all of my energy to push through to finish this book. The trauma bonding of the characters at the end had me a bit concerned. 

2.   Arithmancy- The New Jim Crow- *****

This five star read was chosen because of the place we find ourself in as a society. The book was great as an audiobook and I will be making time to re-read so I can absorb even more information needed to be an informed social worker 

3.   Astronomy/ Read a book while the moon is up. – Five Feet Apart- ****

This book was good but more difficult than I thought it would be to read. I need to not read medical dramas when I work in a hospital. I enjoyed the twists and turns the story line took. 

4.   Care of Magical Creatures/- Monster Fighting- An Enchantment of Ravens- *****

I absolutely loved this book and could not put it down. I love faye lore and this was a great twist on the stories one normally reads. 

5.   Charms- Tithe- Replaced with Totoro book 2- **** 

Good manga; it is very much like the movie. 

6.   Defense Against the Dark Arts- The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle- *****

This was another page turner for me. I read the majority of this book on a lazy sunday afternoon. I recommend this as a coming of age book for middle school students. 

7.   Divination/ The Twin Archers: – Blood Bonds- ***

I love this series but, was not happy with this book as you can see from my rating. The writing style was hard to deal with since the rest of the series was written in a different style. I also felt the falling action and epilogue came too quickly together. It was jarring as a reader. 

8.   Herbology- Magical Girl Apocalypse Vol. 1-  **** 

A good typical manga that turned into a zombie survival sequence. 

9.   History of Magic/ Capture the Flag-  Sorcery of Thorns-****

The beginning of this book was a bit dry for me, I had to listen to it via audiobook or I never would have gotten to the meat of the book which was so good! 

10. Muggle Studies-The Fault in our Stars- **

This book was so bad that I almost did not finish. However, the true emotion of the last few chapters redeemed the book so it would receive two stars 

11. Potions/ Archery- We have always lived in a Castle-***

This was another difficult read. I was very excited to read this book as I was under the impression that a netflix series was based on this short story. However this book and Haunting of Hill House bear no resemblance to one another. The characters are very two dimensional. 

12.  Transfiguration- Wolf Moon *****

This was a book where the first two chapters move at a snails pace but once I got to the fourth chapter it was difficult to put the book down. 

13.  Read a book featuring a rescue mission. -Wings of fire **

This is a very choppy book that I barely finished in time for the end of the readathon. I was very excited to read this book so I saved it for last, which was a mistake as it was so difficult to read. 

14. Read a book that takes place in the wilderness. -My neighbor Totoro Book 1- ****

Good graphic novel, again much like the movie. 

15. Read a book featuring an animal -Warriors- Into the Wild- **** 

This book was a very good graphic novel. The book ended on a choice for the main character that was enough to make me want to pick up the next book.

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