PTSD Awareness month- Part 1

June is PTSD awareness month. This is an illness close to my heart as I am one of the 7-8% of Americans who suffers from this disorder. I will not go into what happened as that is unfortunately a question I get all too often, however I will bring awareness to this illness. 

10% of women and 4% of males suffer from PTSD: 8 million people total in the United States alone. Not everyone who suffers a trauma ends up with PTSD; PTSD occurs in a smaller percentage of people.  ( 

As a service provider, I wonder how much the generational trauma of COVID-19 and the current systemic racism will affect our world. I worry that we are going to see a rise in PTSD or secondary trauma and we as providers do not have the capacity to handle a great uptick in clients during this time. 

Resource Spotlight for providers:

This website has What is PTSD? Flyers, magnets, cards, and other information that may be helpful for those in mental health practice or advocacy. 

My next post will be a Drop in Post Written highlighted by the VA called “Is it PTSD?” Keep an eye out!

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