My Self- Care

Overtime my self care has evolved. In college my self care looked like chicken and pork pot stickers, mountain dew, chicken nuggets, and Midnight car rides.

In graduate school my self care was playing magic the gathering with my then fiance, spending time cooking, cleaning my apartment, and waiting on the adoption of my two kittens.

After graduate school self care was unpacking boxes, working with essential oils, going to the Renfaire, and trying to get out of the city as much as possible.

Since starting my current job last summer my self care has consisted of Starbucks and naps, not ideal but it felt like the bandage approach could work. I started a smash journal in January and I really love it, which has lead me to want to start a combination bullet journal and junk journal. I will be tracking my habits, drinking water, coffee, eating, sleeping, caring for my animals, and taking medicine for sleep(prescribed by a licensed professional), and see how these different things affect me. I also want to add a yearly reading goal, and a new movies goal.

I will of course keep you posted on my progress!


Who should read my blog?

I hope this is a safe place for many people. I hope to be a resource for those considering the profession, students, and maybe even professors. I hope that this blog can provide good information on who social workers are and what we can do.

I hope this is a safe place for growing professionals and entry level workers. The working world is difficult and I want to be a comfort with my words.

I want people to learn from self care, realize how important self care is, and be able to start and maintain your own self care routine.

Some of my posts may be for animal lovers but over all it is to show the human condition.

Thank You!

I would like to take this time to give a warm thank you to the author Leila P. Morgan who is part of the reason I was able to start this blog. If you see the blog posts for domestic violence awareness month and a new upcoming guest post on Mental health month that was my re-start in blogging after a 5 year break.

Domestic violence and Mental health are two very important topics. Keep your eyes on the website for more posts on these topics.



Hello my name is Sarah. I am a social worker from the Mid-Atlantic region of the united states. I have my Bachelors in social work, my masters in social work. I specialize in hospital social work and mental health. While this is my professional identitity I am more than just a social worker, a healer if you will.

I am a person, a human. I am a fur mama to 12 guinea pigs, 1 hamster, and two crazy cats. I am a partner to my boyfriend. I am a crafter, sewer, lotion and balm maker, and love spoiling those around me.

I thrive on self care. I also thrive on levels of privacy.

  • I will not give my last name: I will go by Sarah or Sarah the Social Worker
  • This is to help myself and my readers to remember I am not just my profession I am also a person.

I had and still have many questions as a new professional. I still struggle with learning balance. I know so many students who want to know what the reality of social work is. This is why I write.

  • I could keep a personal journal, but I want others to learn from my mistakes and my successes.
  • I will be writing about my home life, topics social work should touch on, some controversies, and the basics of social work.
  • I think anyone striving for balance or an understanding of social work or mental health will enjoy my blog

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