Meet my pets

I am the proud fur-mama of 2 cats, 12 guinea pigs, and 1 hamster. Don’t worry I share them with my partner! 

My cats are two Maine Coon mixes, gentle giants weighing in at 22 and 18 pounds a piece. They are great for a cuddle, climb in my lap and take my stress away, and are good at reminding me they exist. Meet Gremlin and Severus:

Meet Severus!

My twelve guinea pigs are a pile of cuddly love! 

Iris has a neurological condition and currently lives with the youngest Lumi. I get to brush Lumi once a week which is relaxing.

Trinity, Whiskey, Athena, Ember and Lily are definitely my little loves and are the most cuddly of cuddle pigs. Lily came into my life with my partner. Trinity was an adoptee with a stubborn eye infection. Whiskey was a pig who came into our lives and decided to say “hi” by harassing all the others. Athena is an antisocial guinea pig who needs lots of love as is Ember.

The last five guinea pigs really belong to my partner, Blaze, Ginny (Yes I named her), Nymphadora (and this one), Stormy, and Rosie. They all have independent personalities. The sounds they make make my heart happy.

Last and the newest addition, is Gumball the Russian Hamster. He likes to climb all over my arms, it feels kind of like a caterpillar walking on you.

Helping my animals and taking care of them gives me structure and love. Something I cannot live without! 

Meet Gremlin

Stay tuned for more pictures of my furry babies!

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