Working on the front lines- a quarantine story

Working on the front lines has been equal parts gut wrenching and sometimes heartwarming. I will start with the latter.

There have been so many families who recognized the difficulty in my work and have thanked me for my assistance and dedication. This is so heart warming because often in our society social workers are vilified. We are stereotyped as people who take children away from their parents. But, we do so much more.

On the other side of the coin I am worried about getting COVID-19, I am worried about bringing it home to my partner. I worry how I will take care of my precious animals if I am sick. I have anxiety about going to work everyday. I have to run all of my clothes through the laundry when I get home from a shift.

This situation is also heart breaking. People are dying, just looking at the statistics is fear inducing. I know I sometimes have to cry everything out.

That is okay. It is okay to not be okay in these times.

However if you or someone you love start feeling a crisis coming on there is hope.

Reach out to the crisis text line: 741-741 text HOME

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