Who am I as a Professional?

I have my bachelors in social work and my masters. I sat my masters level exam in 2017 and since passing I have been working on my clinical licensure.

I have experience in several areas of social work, I had three internships, a non-profit, an inner city public school, and a law school. I have also held several jobs both part-time and full time. The first part time job I had was at the law school I interned at and the second was at a private practice where I was a contract worker. My three full time jobs were varied to say the least. My first “adult” job was as a social worker on a study at a major medical center in the mid-Atlantic region. My second job was more macro in nature, I worked as a research assistant. My current employment is as a discharge planner at a small non profit hospital.

I am the first to admit I am not the most experienced social worker but I am on the path of personal development and I’d like to share my journey with my readers.

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